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Waste Pad Reset

Reset Waste Pad Counter by downloading the WIC Reset Utility by 2manuals



Printer User Guide






Support Videos

  1. How to reprime your CIS
  2. How to wipe/clean the printhead in your printer
  3. How to blowout the printhead in your printer
  4. How to replace the combo chip on your CIS
  5. Changing the battery on a 676XL cartridge
  6. Changing the battery on a code 127 cartridge
  7. Repriming a refillable cartridge
  8. Unplugging a clog in your CIS tubes
  9. How to reset your CIS system for the Epson 7110
  10. Filling an empty refillable cartridge with ink
  11. Performing a head cleaning and nozzle check
  12. Changing the quality of your printer when banding
  13. How to change the ink in your CIS system
  14. How to fill 50mL ink tanks
  15. Soaking the printhead on an Epson 7110, 7610/20, and 3620/40
  16. How to soak the printhead
  17. How to refill 100mL tanks
  18. Troubleshooting “Cannot recognize ink cartridges” error
  19. How to replace a CIS cartridge
  20. How to replace a waste pad for a 3520/3540/7010/7510/7520
  21. How to replace a waste pad for an Artisan 700/800 series printers
  22. Refilling a refillable cartridge
  23. Replacing a chip on a refillable cartridge
  24. How to set automatic firmware updates on Epson printers





How to install Cobra Ink’s Ink Systems

Other installation videos coming soon…