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Great news! We now offer all of our printer models with polyethylene plastic tubing. All of our CIS Kits and Printers will now automatically come equipped with this new polyethylene tubing no matter which ink (if any) that you choose. We have done a lot of testing over the past few years and have concluded that PVC tubing causes pigment ink to plug the tubes and causes dye ink to thicken in the tube over time. PVC tubing is what everybody uses for their CIS systems except for COBRA INK SYSTEMS and Epson. Polyethylene tubing resists dehydration of the ink in the tube. This tubing also works well for solvent-based ink. We have it available in bulk, sold by the foot. Unfortunately, this tubing costs us 5 times as much as PVC tubing, but we feel that in the long run it saves you (our customers) money and less of a headache.


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  1. Richard Quint

    Please have someone call me. We want to purchase a Cobra Ink System from you for our Epson 4800 printer. We want to set this printer up to produce films for screen printing.

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