Various Sales Quesitons

What is the difference in refillable ink cartridges and a CIS system?

The refillable ink cartridges hold about half an ounce of each color at a time and is designed more so for people who don’t print several times a week. The CIS systems holds about 3 ounces of each color and is designed for people who print multiple times weekly. If you are just starting out, the refillable ink cartridges are the way to go. They are easier to maintain and the inks have a shelf life of a year so you don’t want to get a bunch of ink and have it expire before you have the chance to use it. If you decide to go the refillable ink cartridges route, it is cheaper for you if you purchase the printer locally or from a reputable seller that offers deals because you can get a deal on the printer. As resellers, we have to pay full price and you have to pay shipping so its cheaper if you just purchase the combo pack (the inks and refillable cartridges) from us and then you would get free shipping. So that would save you between $50 and $75. Of course if you’d rather purchase the whole system and supplies from us to ensure you get the right thing or for ease that’s perfectly fine too.

What is the difference between your three types of ink?

Dye is for general office printing, photographs, and screen printing. Pigment is for general office printing, photographs, and doing cotton blended shirt transfers. (50% and higher) Sublimation ink is for doing poly coated substrates, license plates, phone cases, mouse pads, coffee cups, and poly clothing. (65% and higher)

Can I use the same printer to do two different ink type processes?

It isn’t recommended to use the same printer for different ink processes. If you don’t clean the print head out completely between switching the inks, the inks will mix in the print head and turn into gel and kill the printer. It is possible, but since you have to flush the printer out so many times between the ink changes you will fill up the waste pad often and these waste pads are $25 to replace.

What is the difference in your Pigment paper?

The Jet Pro Soft Stretch is designed for light colored shirts, and the 3G Opaque or Jet Opaque is designed for dark colored shirts. The paper of the Opaque papers transfers to the shirts and that’s what makes the white of the images. Either paper that you use you will need to trim around the image or you will have a box on the shirt where the paper will be. We do send instructions with each type of paper so that you know how to use the paper properly.

What is the difference in your Sublimation paper?

DyeTrans is for hard substrates. (license plates, phone cases, ceramic mugs) TexPrint is for soft substrates. ( poly shirts, socks, mouse pads and glass)

Tech Support

My computer/printer says the cartridges cannot be recognized, what do I do?

Epson printers can’t see the actual ink level in these systems and so the ink levels are based on calculation. If you’ve used a certain amount of ink that would normally empty a standard ink cartridge, the ink level hits 0% and tells you that it cannot be recognized or to replace the cartridge. If you have the CIS system, you open the lid (or hit the ink button on older models) and pinch the reset button located sticking directly above the CIS cartridges followed by closing the lid. (hitting the ink button on the printer once more on older models) Your ink light should go off and it should start charging the ink which takes between 4-6 minutes. If it still doesn’t recognize, watch this video and try these simple steps.

I have small pockets of air in my lines, is that a problem?

Only if you see it effecting your prints. You’ll almost always see a small air bubble in the lines but a good way to tell if you need to deal with it is to do a nozzle check. If it’s broken up, reprime the cartridges followed by doing a few head cleanings until you get a perfect nozzle check. If you have a perfect nozzle check, there’s nothing to worry about.

How often should I use my printer?

These printers use water based inks which as you know, water evaporates. If you don’t use it, the print head will dry up and potentially clog and damage the head. We recommend doing a head cleaning a week and ensuring you have a perfect nozzle check to make sure your printer stays healthy and in perfect working condition.

I didn’t use my printer for a certain amount of time, what should I do to get it going again?

The very first thing you need to do is reprime the cartridges. Ensure you can pull the ink into the syringe and all the inks are flowing as they should. Once reprimed, run up to 5 head cleanings with a nozzle check after each cleanings and see if you can get a perfect nozzle check or if it’s even improving. If it stays the same all 5 cleanings, there’s a good chance you’ve got a clog and in that case you need to call one of our technicians for further instructions.

My printer says it is at the end of its life, how do I fix that?

If you have a WF 3620, 3640, 7110, 7610, or 7620, you will have to buy a replacement pad, that replacement pad is $25 on our website. If you have a Artisan 1430, once the printer thinks the pad is full your computer tells you the printer is at the end of its life or the ink and paper light on the printer flash alternately . If we installed your system or if you purchased and installed the waste tank, the waste tank collects that ink. When it gives you that warning, you empty that tank on the back of the printer, and purchase a $10 code that resets that waste pad back to 0. and you can continue using that printer and resetting the counter indefintely. The link to get the reset code for this model printer is on our support page. If you do not have the waste tank, you can reset one time and the second time you get this error the waste pad will be full and cannot be used again. We highly recommend looking into getting the waste tank if you don’t have one.


What is a color profile?

Anytime you switch inks from the standard Epson ink, you will need to use a color profile. What that color profile does is tell your printer that you are using a different type of ink and how to print with that ink properly. Here is the profile request form, fill it out and Richard will email you the color profile along with a list of videos on how to install it in your graphics program.

Do I need a color profile?

If you’re using sublimation ink, yes. If you’re using a printer that comes standard with a particular ink and you’re using the same ink type, no. For example, below is a list of printers that we’ve sold and beside them is the ink part number that comes with the printer standard. If you don’t have the same part number as what is listed, you more than likely need to request a profile on the profile page.

Note: Some people who use different inks than what comes standard with the units never use a profile. If you’re able to get the colors you want without a profile and you’re happy with the results, a profile may conflict with your colors.

Workforce 1100, 30, 3520, 3540, 3620, 3640, 7010, 7510, 7520, 7110, 7610, 7620: CP-650

Artisan 700, 725, 730, 800, 837, 50, 1400, 1430: CD-561