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With us just unveiling our new CS/4.3 and CS/6.2 sublimation inks, some questions may arise as to what the differences are between the different versions of sublimation inks that we offer and this post aims to assist in that.

CS stands for ‘Cobra Sublimation’ so when you see CS/4 it means Cobra Sublimation/4 color. This version of sublimation is more for the older 4 color Epson printers like the Workforce 30, 1100, 7010, 7510, 7520 and anything that does NOT have the precision core print head.

CS/6 stands for Cobra Sublimation/6 color. This is the standard 4 colors (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black) as well as the two light colors light magenta and light cyan, This is designed for the Epson 1400 and the 1430.

CS/4.1 is the standard colors (yellow, magenta, and cyan) but with the new black. We released this for the people who couldn’t get dark enough blacks while sublimating and it helped them achieve their dark blacks.

CS/4.2 which is the new (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black) sublimation we released for the newer Epson printers that have the precision core print heads was released because the new printheads spray a fraction of what the older printer’s print heads sprayed which in turn caused prints to look light and wouldn’t be rich enough because it wasn’t laying down enough ink. To combat this, we had to release an ink that was darker or heavier so that it could achieve the colors even with the ink not being laid down as much as the older printers.

CS/6.2 which is our newest sublimation ink for the 1430 is for people who need richer grays and blacks and is overall brighter. If you don’t currently have any issues with printing blacks or grays it may not be worth upgrading to this ink.


The inks listed above all require custom color profiles which you would need to install in order for your printer to have the ability to print the colors so that once pressed would look like the colors on your screen.



CS/4.3 is the newest line of our sublimation inks which was designed to have the ability to print the colors without running a custom profile. By simply installing this ink and running Epson’s standard settings with the exception of raising the quality to high you should be able to achieve the colors that the above inks can but without the hassle of going through and installing custom profiles. We’ve been testing this for a good while and we believe this is the answer to a lot of our customer’s prayers. Hundreds of you all have been asking us for years for an ink that would “just run” and we believe we’ve finally got the solution for you. Like all new things there can be a few hiccups here and there so if you decide to give our new ink a try and you run into a particular color that you just can’t seem to get right just shoot us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help you get it right.



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  1. John Chitwood

    I am trying to find an sublimation and cut and sew all in 1 company to run a couple of dozen test hoodie and pants combinations. Maybe you could provide the sublimation paper with my design and then possibly refer me to a cut and sew company with a press ?
    I need these hoodie and pants combinations for field trials, tests as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your help
    John Chitwood

    • Brad C

      Hello John, we don’t know much about any cut and sew companies. If you’d like you can email Emma@cobraink.com and she’ll be able to assist you as much as we can. Thanks!

    • Brad C

      If you want to try our new sublimation inks you would get code CS/4.3 sublimation ink. If you’d like to go more into details or have anymore questions hit the chat icon at the bottom right hand side of the page and our sales staff will give you more information. Thank you

  2. Pamelisa Jones

    Thank you very much for that bit of information. I am going to purchase the Epson 7710 for expanding my business to sublimation.
    I do have one question do I have to purchase that whole cartridge system with the long cord, or can I just purchase cartridges with the sublimation inks?

    • Brad C

      You can purchase just the cartridges. If you hit the chat icon at the bottom right hand side of the page we’ll be able to help you in what you need to purchase.

  3. Patty

    I have a workforce 3620. Can I just buy the sublimation ink cartridges instead of having to convert it to a sublimation system using one of those kits?

    • Brad C

      Absolutely! You would just need code 252 sublimation cartridges. You can message us at the bottom right hand side by clicking the chat icon and we can further assist you if you’d like. Thanks!

  4. Patty

    Ok. 4.2 or 4.3? And would I be able to pop the regular ink cartridges back in if I wanted or would I even want to ever?

    • Brad C

      We would recommend using the 4.3 and yes absolutely. At any time you can switch inks in your printer by installing the other cartridges and doing three head cleanings. It take three head cleanings in order to flush all the inks out of the print head and then load the new ink so that the inks do not mix.

  5. Danielle

    Just purchased the 6.2 set up for my 1430! I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to take my sublimation to another level. Thank you Cobra!

  6. Freda Link

    This new ink sounds like it should be good for cricut and sihouette designers who want to print from there as it doesnt use profiling.

  7. Richard Calhoun

    Is it OK to mix the 4.3 with the remaining 4.2 ink I have. IE can I put a new 4.3 cart in a printer that has 4.2 carts in it now?

    • Brad C

      We do not recommend mixing these. Even though they’re both sublimation the colors will contaminate each other and you’ll struggle getting the correct colors with either of the profiles.


    I have been using Cobra Ink for over 10 years. My experience with Cobra products, the staff and the boss has NEVER been anything but professional.

    I have been testing the new sublimation ink, CS-4.3 in a Epson WF-7110, with a Cobra CIS system printed on
    TexPrint XPHR paper. using Photoshop 2018 with a 1.8 Gama, with plain paper setting,….with no color profile.

    The results are vibrant deep colors on my mouse pads, ceramic tiles, coffee mugs and textile…..no hassle, no color shift.

    Thank you Richard for this very useful product.

    • Brad C

      Thanks for the very useful feedback Ken. We appreciate it!

  9. Jeanette Lawrence

    I want a Epson workforce 7710 sublimentation printer to do tee shirts how much does it cost for machine and inks and how soon can I get it

    • Brad C

      Hello Jeanette, please give our sales department a call at (931)-854-1563 and press 1 for sales. They will be able to give you the best pricing as well as answer all questions on shipping speeds.

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