How it all started

Cobra Ink Systems was started in 1999. The very first ink system was made to fit an Epson Stylus Color 600. Richard McMaster founder of Cobra Ink states

We were printing vanity plates for cars in Tennessee which did not have a front license plate tags as we called them

At that time, all the colors were made in one cartridge. We received a large order for tags which had a solid red background, after printing just a few we needed a new cartridge.

We decided to try refilling the cartridge using a syringe and needle as well as using ink we purchased from a large distributor. The cartridges had a sponge inside that made refilling a nightmare; by the time you were able to get it to print it was out of ink again.

We also had concerns about the print fading in the sunlight. We talked to our ink supplier about using ultraviolet resistant inks. We inquired about an ink supply system and he stated he had seen it all and nothing previously had worked. We asked him if we created one could he sell it to which he replied, “I think I could sell 150 units per day if they work.” Our engineers developed a system that worked great and sent many units to their warehouse.

Richard’s idea was picked up by many companies over the years. His Continuous Ink System has been sold by thousands of suppliers worldwide. His innovation and determination paid off for thousands of people all over the world. Richard’s goal was to create a cost-effective way of printing not only for himself but for all people trying to make a living in the print world. The continuous ink system is now known for saving people time and allowing cost-effective printing.

Richard’s legacy will continue to thrive. Even the big printing companies are creating their own versions of the continuous ink system. Richard’s passion is still growing strong today, his dedication to his customers is still very important to him. When he learns about a small business growing and prospering because of his creation, you will see how proud Richard is by his smile.

Richard grew his business with hard work, trial and error, and long hours so that his customers could succeed. Richard is well known in the printing world as honest, compassionate, and knowledgeable in his field.

Cobra Ink System was founded in 1999 by Richard and opened in Cookeville, Tennessee in February 2009 with his family alongside him. They work hard together to create a better company to ensure quality products as well as quality service. Cobra Ink Systems is where the CIS began!